Brand Guides and Logos

A distinctive brand is achieved by the use of consistent visual and messaging elements that frame and influence the way target audiences perceive Tufts University. Use of the university’s brand standards is key to maintaining the visibility of Tufts and underscoring its reputation as a unique top-tier institution.

Following the university’s visual identity standards and editorial style guides is critical to supporting the Tufts brand.

Visual Identity
A visual identity is a graphic system—a toolkit of colors and typefaces anchored by a strong institutional logo (also known as the Tufts wordmark). These graphic components and the rules that govern their use create consistency in all communications, maintaining a recognizable look associated with the institution.

You can download the Tufts logo directly from this website. Our Visual Identity Standards Quick Guide provides a snapshot of how to use the Tufts logo and identity system. You can also review the complete visual identity system by downloading the university’s Visual Identity Standards Reference Guide.

The following themes are salient brand messages. A complete look at the Tufts brand can be found in the Tufts Report on Brand Strategy (2005).

Tufts is a university focused on new leaders for a changing world:

  • Pioneering and entrepreneurial
  • Forward looking
  • Engaged in active citizenship
  • Focused on the challenges of a new century
  • Global in perspective
  • Committed to genuine diversity

For advice or help, please contact Kim Cable, Senior Creative Director, 617.627.6316.


For the Tufts Name Use Policy, please visit the University Counsel pages.